About us

Photomedia360 is a young company formed by a group of people specialized in the realization and post production of High Definition Virtual Tours.

Photomedia360 takes panorama pictures for Virtual Tours using the best and most modern photo devices.

At post production stage all pictures are edited in order to guarantee high involvement and best interaction.

The Multimedia Virtual Tour of Photomedia360 starts from high definition pictures edited at 360 degrees allowing advanced multimedia interaction.

This technique generates panoramas and virtual iteneraries where the user has the feeling to be present in the picture or panorama he or she is actually watching and feels that he or she can touch every single detail or object belonging to it.

Virtual Tour Photography represents the latest generation of multimedia highly involving device that takes the visitor in a virtual reality where he is present and can move in any direction by moving the mouse curse.

Complex Virtual Tours complete of different contents such as texts, pictures, videos and music are the new modern way to communicate, combining realism typical of photography, interactivity and great visibility typical of the Internet.

After taking basic pictures, Photomedia360 elaborates and optimazes them in order to produce Virtual Tours. This is possible thanks to the use of the most modern devices and software which allow to reach the best results.

The final result is full screen high definition three dimension panoramas (HDRI: Hight Dynamic Range Imaging), with guaranteed zoom from 100.000 to 1.000.000 pixels.