Rosy Salon

  • Posted on: 18 December 2014
  • By: team

Rosi started her business in 1979, after following and ending her professional training brilliantly. Rosi then decided that the field of fashion hadn't to stop exclusively at hair.

She thus invested in her first salon, and was also active in the sector of fashion shows in Milan where the great couturiers were concentrated. She introduced her idea of Total Look (corrective make-up and image planning) within her salon. Her important master in corrective make-up was the great Stefano Anselmo. In 1980 she worked with Polivideo for TV, film and showbiz shoots. In the meantime Rosi trained as a tutor.

Sarà solo dopo il 1978 che la società conosce un vero e proprio sviluppo.

In Switzerland federal laws on training are very severe. She obtained her diploma of mastery in 1988. Since then she has constantly undergone further training, taking part in specialization courses in Switzerland and abroad. Her starting point has always been the concept "professionality means training". Today, three salons are functioning, in which her philisophy is carried forward by herself and all her collaborators, all officially trained in Switzerland and constantly updated professionally in Europe. Rosi has run a TV show for 12 years on total makeovers through hair-make-up-clothes (on Teleticino).

Her Sicilian origins, from the land of the Leopard, have aided her in her reserved manners, which she has always maintained with her famous clients worldwide and everyday ones alike, in fact, she has worked with great stars, but for her, every person must be treated as a star.

Important names have passed through her hands and those of her collaborators (for instance check who participated at the 2011 Festival del Film in Locarno). But as she aways tell her collaborators too, important names must not be used to market oneself, instead professionality should be used in order to gain approval. Work for covers, fashion publications, photos, fashion shows, is what she has always loved to do and who works with her has to love it as well. Each one of her collaborators has a specific professional specialization, thus every requirement and need is satisfied in the best way.